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New Build House with Wildlife Friendly Garden

This is my favourite new make for a while (OK, they're all my favourite the minute I've just finished them), a new build house with a garden that's created with wildlife in mind.

I love gardening and I love nature. I'm lucky enough to have a large (messy) garden and I try to encourage birds, bees, bugs (anything that wants to) to live there.

I think it's really important that every single one of us does something to help look after this planet. It's all we've got and it's all our children and grandchildren have too. Gardens are a great place for creating habitats for birds and other creatures. If you are lucky enough to have any sort of outdoor space you can do something that will provide food or a home to some living thing however small.

This new build was inspired by friends who have gardens and don't garden, and by my stepdaughter who has just bought a new build house and is suddenly interested in growing stuff! I was thinking about tiny spaces and not having much time. What can you do to bring wildlife

into your garden if you don't have much time, money or space?

There is, of course, much information about wildlife gardening on the web. The RSPB have an excellent section about Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden on their website, and The Wildlife Trusts also have information on

My paper house has a small tree in the garden, a pond, a woodpile, a green roof on the shed. There's a dry garden out the front, and flowers for pollinators out the back. Climbers and a hedge provide cover for birds and insects, nesting boxes are ready for birds to move in. Where paving prevents planting there are pots.

Tiny space? Not much time? Do one of these things. Please. A nice shrub in the corner there, won't take much looking after or take up much room. Let your lawn go another week or two before you mow it. Buy a big pot and plant lavender in it. Guaranteed to attract some bees and it smells wonderful and looks beautiful.

Goodness, that's a lot of words for me. I'd better stop rambling.

You can download the new build house from my shop. I will get it printed to sell later in the year.

Or you could plant a bush.

Thank you for reading!

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1 Comment

Sarah Templeman
Sarah Templeman
Mar 25, 2023

Wow that's absolutely lovely...

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