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Make a Paper Collage Angel

You will need:

  1. Card or stiff paper – cereal box card or other card will work fine.

  2. Glue

  3. Scissors

  4. Fancy paper such as tissue, crepe, origami sheets, wrapping paper, old magazines – anything colourful. Or plain paper and paint.

  5. Stick on jewels or other embellishments (optional)


Cut out the main template, sleeves, hands, and feet from stiff paper or card.

Choose some paper for the angel’s dress and cut it out using the dress template.

Glue the dress onto the main template. You can add decorative trims if you want them. I glued some gold tissue paper to my dress and trimmed the bottom edge into points.

Cut out the face from paper and glue to the main template. Draw on the features. A small triangle of different coloured paper makes a good nose.

I cut out circles of pink paper for cheeks. You could draw these if you have a pink pencil.

Cut out the crown and glue to the main template. Check that it fits round the face before you glue. You many want to trim it. My crown is made of paper that I painted with watercolour and then glued tissue triangles to.

Cut out your angel’s wings. I used silver card for one of my angels and stiff white paper for the other. You can draw on or decorate them.

Cut out some paper to cover the sleeves and hands. Or you could colour in the hands with paint or pencil if you are using white card.

A good way to get a neat finish is to cut the paper a bit bigger than the hands and trim it after you have glued it on.

Do the same with the feet and glue them onto the bottom of the skirt.

Glue the hands to the back of the sleeves. You can add extra trims to the sleeves if you want them.

Place the wings and arms where you want them on your angel. One wing and arm are glued to the back of the angel. The others to the front. Decide where you want them and then glue into place.

If you want your angel to hang up you can add a string to the back with a piece of tape.

I hope you have as much fun making angels as much as I did!


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