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Painting Poems

Painting Poems, Colourful Poems to Inspire Creativity. Written by Julie Anna Douglas. Illustrated by Jools Wilson. A lovely poetry book full of colour and life and love. Suitable for all ages of adults and children. A beautiful collection of poems that quietly celebrates the joys of nature, connection and love while whispering words of mysteryand magic. Ian Eagleton - The Reading Realm Julie has created a beautiful collection. Wonderful for poetry-loving children and a fabulous resource for teachers. Sue Hardy-Dawson, poet and illustrator Julie Douglas’ poems are brimful of joy and humour. Her imagination knows no bounds. Most of all, her poetry is FUN - for adults and children alike. Rebecca O’Connor - editor of The Caterpillar Painting Poems’ is a real delight. Julie writes skillfully and imaginatively across a range of subjects resulting in poems that areby turn thoughtful and amusing. Highly recommended. Brian Moses - poet ‘Painting Poems’ is a truly excellent debut poetry collection that not only sounds fantastic but looks fantastic too as all the poems and illustrations work in perfect partnership. I read it wishing I had written it myself and I can’t recommend a book more highly than that! Neal Zetter - poet The title of this utter gem of a book says it all; ‘Painting Poems’ is where Julie’s delightful poems meet Jools’ gorgeous artwork, uniquely inspiring us to look at the world around us through our inners child’s eyes and let our imagination soar! Yuval Zommer - author and illustrator

Directions Through A Fairytale

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Fun, colourful poems lavishly illustrated with maps, plans and cross sections. Go shopping with a pirate! Find your way through a fairytale! Be scared in a haunted house! 'Directions Through a Fairytale (and other Poetic Adventures)' with words by Julie Anna Douglas and pictures by Jools Wilson. With ideas section to inspire children to create art and poetry. You can also download free accompanying worksheets from 'An original mix of poetry and pictures (many of them maps) where children can explore a range of locations and be inspired to write about, and draw, their own special places.' Brian Moses - poet and author. 'Highly recommend to encourage young readers' imagination. Fairytale lands, cities, gardens, rainforests, and more are all brought to life both poetically and visually in this stunning collection.' Yuval Zommer - author and illustrator

Directions Through a Fairytale Pamphlet

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Directions Through a Fairy Tale is a poem by Julie Anna Douglas in the form of a map. Unfold and explore a fairy tale land. Try the suggested activities and make your own maps, art or poems, or just pin it on the wall. Perfect for the classroom or fun at home. Map cover is A6. Unfolded map is approximately 27cm x 38cm.

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